Word of the Week: accoutrement (ə-ˈkü-trə-mənt , -ˈkü-tər-mənt)


(Noun) equipment or clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing


In Context

The umbrella of the title refers, of course, to the Penguin’s signature prop, which we see him carrying in the opening scene while flanked by two new flunkies, signaling his continuing evolution toward his supervillain destiny.

But the accoutrement also functions as a handy metaphor for both the Penguin’s unparalleled ability to shield himself from trouble and the broad shadow the little man is casting across Gotham City. Everything in Monday’s episode sprang from his actions, from Gordon running for his life (more on that in a minute) to the end of Nikolai the would-be Falcone usurper to the dispatching of Frankie Carbone, the Penguin’s lone rival within the Maroni organization.

Jeremy Egner, “‘Gotham’ Recap: All Hail the Penguin,” nytimes.com, Nov. 3, 2014