In J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, there is a “Room of Requirement.” The idea is that when you need a place to go and you wish for the room, it appears, appointed with everything you need.

At Princeton Writes, we do not have a room that morphs to fit any occasion, but we do have our own “Room of Requirement” especially suited for readers and writers. Our “Writers’ Room” is a little nook, tucked away in Dillon Court East. It has comfy chairs, coffee and tea, and a shelf full of books we offer in the tradition of the “Little Free Library” movement: If you need some space at home but want to make sure your books land in good hands, send them to us; if you need a good book, but don’t know where to start, come find a book on our shelf and give it a new home!

The Writers’ Room requires nothing of you, but it offers a little respite from the busy campus. Bring your lunch (we have a small refrigerator and microwave) and spend some time reading or writing on your lunch break. If you have a hard time focusing on your writing at home or at work with all the other things you need to get done, here is your answer. It is a room created for creating. Come visit soon!