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Princeton Writes is committed to helping employees and students develop their practical (i.e., non-academic) writing and speaking skills through regularly scheduled workshops, one-on-one appointments, peer-based support groups for writers and speakers, and special events designed to nurture and celebrate the written and spoken word. We also offer workshops for University departments at the request of managers who wish to strengthen their staff’s communication skills. For more information, please contact us at pwrites@princeton.edu.

Our Mission

To help members of our University community enhance their practical communication skills with the goal of representing themselves and Princeton more clearly, concisely, and convincingly

Primary Services

  • University-wide workshops on different facets of the written and spoken word, from fundamentals, such as making a persuasive argument or exercising multicultural awareness, to specific methods of communication, such as email or PowerPoint
  • Individual consultations designed to identify and address specific challenges, from grammatical errors to structural shortcomings, based on a joint evaluation of a document or oral presentation
  • Practice-based learning groups devoted to developing writing and speaking skills in a mutually supportive environment, including the International Coffee Break, which brings together non-native English speakers to share their cultural perspectives and refine their command of their adoptive language

Writing and Speaking


Princeton Writes can help you  improve and polish your non-academic writing. Through one-on-one appointments, classes, and through our monthly writing group, Writing Space, we can offer support and advice on how to make your words shine on the page.

Find out about events for writers on and around Princeton’s campus.

Princeton Writes can help you get the words out! Whether you are creating a presentation for a large audience, introducing a guest speaker, or just speaking up more in meetings, we can provide gentle and supportive feedback through one-on-one appointments, classes, and our monthly Public Speaking Group.





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