On October 9, 2013, friends of Princeton Writes from across the University assembled in Whig Hall to formally launch this young initiative. In their remarks, Program Director John S. Weeren and Vice President for Human Resources Lianne Sullivan-Crowley acknowledged the critical role that now President Emerita Shirley M. Tilghman played in the genesis of Princeton Writes.

“Shirley is ultimately responsible for our presence in this room,” said Weeren. “Not only did she embrace the vision I presented to her, she also helped inspire it, thanks to her deep commitment to outstanding writing, a commitment that kept her at her desk, corrective pen in hand, long after some might have said ‘good enough.’”


Citing the inaugural address of Princeton’s new president, Christopher L. Eisgruber, he continued, “In a world . . . that is increasingly inclined to ‘talk in tweets,’ Princeton Writes aspires to foster a culture that prizes good writing and the clear thinking that such writing manifests. . . . Our door is open to all, and our website is designed to be a virtual meeting place for those who value the written and spoken word and want to master them more fully.”


Weeren extended a warm thank you to all present for “the moral support, practical assistance, and collaborative spirit that have enabled Princeton Writes to make the leap from concept to reality – ready, able, and willing to help Princetonians communicate with greater confidence, effectiveness, and ease, both in the workplace, in the case of employees, and outside the classroom, in the case of students.”

Photographs courtesy of Jackie Immordino.