Dispatches from Quarantine, Part 4

Goodbye for Now

by Cate Mahoney

Parting is such sweet sorrow! But in the midst of the pandemic, it does feel a bit like another change that slips under the surface as everyone is dealing with so much already.

This is my last post as a University Administrative Fellow. Having graduated this past month, I’m moving out of Princeton and into the world! Picture Hayao Miyazaki’s movie Howl’s Moving Castle when the castle moves on and I’m the tiny protagonist standing in the landscape planning how to take my next steps.

Or let’s think of this another way: We all need to make our own castles right now, in this time of uncertainty and great change, gathering what is dear to us and staying strong and hopeful.

Little did I know way back in 2018 when I interviewed with John in Dillon Court East that I would gain two great friends and mentors: John and Stephanie are the real deal—wonderful educators and even more wonderful people.

I had such a fun time organizing our first symposium, Connect: Harnessing the Power of Words. We explored campus for the perfect location, we met with the Office of Communications to discuss swag and review Laurel Cantor’s beautiful event poster, and we talked over ice cream about our plans for the panels.

I know I’m leaving Princeton Writes in good hands, but I’m going to miss being part of the team. John, Stephanie, and I did long ago discuss creating Princeton Writes team jackets, and they have my address—just sayin’!  As a Princeton Writes alumna, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this unique program. And I’m planning to come back one day in the fall or spring to teach a poetry class, whenever the health and safety of Princetonians allow.

Until we meet again!