malapert (mal-uh-PERT)


Definition (adjective) impudently bold : saucy In Context "Fair ladies, brave knights, churls, varlets, squires, scurvy knaves, men-at-arms, malapert rogues—all were merry." P. G. Wodehouse, The Man Upstairs and Other Stories, 1914

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Meet Mr. Mulliner (1927) by P. G. Wodehouse


Critical Assessment "Mr. Wodehouse has never descended further into the dangerous regions of broad farce than in his latest book, "Meet Mr. Mulliner." He has never taken larger liberties with the entire cordon of esthetic probabilities. If his hand had been a shade more heavy, or his spirits a trifle less effervescent, the descent might easily have been a disaster. As it is, Mr. Wodehouse has done a job which few, if any, of his contemporaries could have managed. He has punned and bubbled and burlesqued his way through nine frothy, inimitable stories. Not one of them is strained beyond the [...]

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