A Poem for You: Haiku by Geoffery Philp


Haiku Geoffrey Philp Between Babylon and the sea, I’ve built a home with the sea’s whispers. Copyright © 2024 by Geoffrey Philp. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on June 5, 2024, by the Academy of American Poets.

A Poem for You: Haiku by Geoffery Philp2024-06-10T16:37:49-04:00

A Poem for You: Parkside & Ocean by b ferguson


Parkside & Ocean b ferguson there is a kind of memory that feels, somehow suddenly, like a wound, though not always, not until one wanders back through: the dark, damp alley the only path  toward home—every place i have loved has forced me to leave. and then there is memory as one might always wish:  bejeweled, like sugar on the tongue upon reentry. what is the name for the scent that whispers mother, the twanged hue of evening that gestures island, limestone, cane, spume? Flatbush, i have sauntered away from everything that has called me kin now, as i have before, [...]

A Poem for You: Parkside & Ocean by b ferguson2024-04-16T15:21:08-04:00

A Poem for You: Lost Letter by Tory Adkisson


Lost Letter Tory Adkisson I watched as the white marble chipped, watched as the coast eddied with elegiac seafoam and two men plunged their hands into the deep recesses of a small, seaside cave. I held the silver letter opener to my breast like a sword. I didn’t know what I was protecting myself from. My friend, if you find this letter in Paris or Parnassus, remember how the statues of boys bent toward each other like Actaeon’s hounds bared themselves against their master’s throat—an interminable thirst for the flesh consuming their primitive minds. And remember me, sitting across from you [...]

A Poem for You: Lost Letter by Tory Adkisson2024-04-11T10:01:25-04:00

The Paper Nautilus by Marianne Moore


The Paper Nautilus Marianne Moore      For authorities whose hopes  are shaped by mercenaries?      Writers entrapped by       teatime fame and by  commuters’ comforts? Not for these       the paper nautilus       constructs her thin glass shell.      Giving her perishable  souvenir of hope, a dull      white outside and smooth-       edged inner surface  glossy as the sea, the watchful      maker of it guards it       day and night; she scarcely      eats until the eggs are hatched.  Buried eight-fold in her eight       arms, for she is in       a sense a devil- fish, her glass ramshorn-cradled freight       is hid but is not crushed.      As Hercules, bitten      by a crab [...]

The Paper Nautilus by Marianne Moore2024-04-10T16:47:29-04:00

A Poem for You: Make/Do by Divya Victor


Make/Do Divya Victor (Being an Occasional Poem for All Q&As Henceforth)For Jamal Cyrus and Tomás Morin, and all kith who make do to make work “Do you also make work that isn’t political?” I mean, do we make work about where and when we were raised: the three-whistle corner store the empty coke bottle trill the nickname that doesn’t nick us as we blow through customs with a toothpick smile and hell-no eyes, sweet fools greasing the bike chains for this day, always saying someone better fix this street light? Do we flicker at night when the kids are sleeping dim, [...]

A Poem for You: Make/Do by Divya Victor2024-04-10T16:41:18-04:00

A Poem for You: Naïve by Tim Seibles


Naïve Tim Seibles I love you but I don’t know you —Mennonite Woman When I was seven, I walked home with Dereck DeLarge, my arm   slung over his skinny shoulders, after-school sun buffing our lunch boxes.   So easy, that gesture, so light—  the kind of love that lands like a leaf.   It was 1963.   We were two black boys   whose snaggle-toothed grins  held a thousand giggles.   Remember? Remember wanting to play   every minute, as if that  was why we were born?   Those hands that bring us shouting into this life   must open like [...]

A Poem for You: Naïve by Tim Seibles2024-03-19T09:44:04-04:00

A Poem for You:Walking Beside the Cemetery, Olivia Street, Key West by Jacqueline Allen Trimble


Walking Beside the Cemetery, Olivia Street, Key West Jacqueline Allen Trimble The City Cemetery was established in 1847 on “high ground, sixteen feet above sea level” in Key West  following the disastrous hurricane of October 11, 1846,  where the then beachside cemetery was unearthed due  to the winds and seas.                                    —“Historic Key West City Cemetery,” City of Key West Florida In Key West, the living surround the dead,  who are the best neighbors  silent and agreeable as well-swept porches.  A fence that separates this [...]

A Poem for You:Walking Beside the Cemetery, Olivia Street, Key West by Jacqueline Allen Trimble2024-02-28T10:53:26-05:00

A Poem for You: Sea Girls by A. E. Stallings


Sea Girls A. E. Stallings for Jason "Not gulls, girls." You frown, and you insist— Between two languages, you work at words (R's and L's, it's hard to get them right.) We watch the heavens' flotsam: garbage-white Above the island dump (just out of sight), Dirty, common, greedy—only birds. OK, I acquiesce, too tired to banter. Somehow they're not the same, though. See, they rise As though we glimpsed them through a torn disguise— Spellbound maidens, wild in flight, forsaken— Some metamorphosis that Ovid missed, With their pale breasts, their almost human cries. So maybe it is I who am mistaken; [...]

A Poem for You: Sea Girls by A. E. Stallings2024-02-28T10:43:58-05:00

A Poem for You: Bucolics [LIX] by Maurice Manning


Bucolics [LIX] Maurice Manning when I see the shadow of the hawk but not the hawk itself do you know what it feels like Boss a stone a stone set on my chest it weighs me down it's stronger than the horse's strain against the plowlines Boss it's like the river after rain I can't hold back the pull the pull that makes me like its heft I even like the shadow's tiny yoke O Boss I feel its curve around my neck I see a flap of wings so black it binds me to the furrows Boss a shadow smarter [...]

A Poem for You: Bucolics [LIX] by Maurice Manning2024-02-27T15:08:15-05:00

A Poem for You: Incognito Grief: A Blues by Allison Joseph


Incognito Grief: A Blues Allison Joseph Who knows the secrets in my gaze? What holds me back when I might choke? Who sees beyond my taut hellos To see the grief etched on my face? Nobody knows what lurks within; Nobody brings me back again. Who needs to disappear for a while? Who sings my name beyond the veil? Who has my memories, my tales? Who’s lurking in my carpet’s dust? Nobody feels this weight beneath my skin. Who knows I’m grieving as I walk? Who has the list of gravity’s costs? Nobody but the man I’ve lost. Copyright © 2024 [...]

A Poem for You: Incognito Grief: A Blues by Allison Joseph2024-02-27T10:29:26-05:00
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