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Prompt for the Week: 10/19/20


Prompt for the Week In Ten Meter Tower, a short film by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson featured in the New York Times, participants climb a ladder to a ten-meter-high diving board at a public pool, calculating their risks and fears before they decide to jump into the water or head back down to safety. The tight shot of the diving board, the self-motivating monologues, and the slow-motion recordings of the jumps are captivating. “Our objective in making this film was something of a psychology experiment: We sought to capture people facing a difficult situation, to make a portrait of humans in doubt,” [...]

Prompt for the Week: 10/19/202020-10-19T16:30:35-04:00

A Poem for You: A Hymn to the Evening


A Hymn to the Evening BY PHILLIS WHEATLEY Soon as the sun forsook the eastern main The pealing thunder shook the heav'nly plain; Majestic grandeur! From the zephyr's wing, Exhales the incense of the blooming spring. Soft purl the streams, the birds renew their notes, And through the air their mingled music floats. Through all the heav'ns what beauteous dies are spread! But the west glories in the deepest red: So may our breasts with ev'ry virtue glow, The living temples of our God below! Fill'd with the praise of him who gives the light, And draws the sable curtains of the [...]

A Poem for You: A Hymn to the Evening2020-10-19T16:23:21-04:00

Word of the Week: roil (ˈrȯi(-ə)l ) (Submitted by Julie Mellby, Graphic Arts Librarian)


Word of the week: roil (ˈrȯi(-ə)l) (Submitted by Julie Mellby, Graphic Arts Librarian) Definition (transitive verb) 1a. to make turbid by stirring up the sediment or dregs of b. to stir up : DISTURB, DISORDER 2. RILE sense 1 (intransitive verb) to move turbulently : be in a state of turbulence or agitation  In Context Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman,"Trump Fans Strife as Unrest Roils the U.S." The New York Times,  Aug. 31, 2020 "The debate over what was said to the commission — and why — comes as protests over the police shooting of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., continue to roil communities [...]

Word of the Week: roil (ˈrȯi(-ə)l ) (Submitted by Julie Mellby, Graphic Arts Librarian)2020-10-01T16:45:41-04:00

A Poem for you: Meditation at Lagunitas


Meditation at Lagunitas BY ROBERT HASS All the new thinking is about loss. In this it resembles all the old thinking. The idea, for example, that each particular erases the luminous clarity of a general idea. That the clown- faced woodpecker probing the dead sculpted trunk of that black birch is, by his presence, some tragic falling off from a first world of undivided light. Or the other notion that, because there is in this world no one thing to which the bramble of blackberry corresponds, a word is elegy to what it signifies. We talked about it late last night and in the [...]

A Poem for you: Meditation at Lagunitas2020-09-21T14:14:52-04:00

Book of the Month: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (2019)


Book of the Month: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (2019) Critical Evaluation "When a writer sets a fantasy novel in our dusty old real world, the general approach is: “Everything cruddy just like it is now, except, also magic!” The intrusion of magic is then generally used to make sense of inexplicable or terrible things in our world, for example, why the stock market does stuff. And cancer. It also is used to explain the sadness that young people feel. If only there were an enormous secret lurking just out of sight, providing meaning and conveying specialness upon the knower. … [...]

Book of the Month: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (2019)2020-05-19T14:51:30-04:00

The Joys of Audiobooks by Stephanie Whetstone


  The Joys of Audiobooks by Stephanie Whetstone My son is always wearing headphones. Whether he is on the computer, taking out the trash, or walking around the block, his ears are covered by black, oval puffs, connected by a headband. The blue light on the edge shows that he is wirelessly connected to some device. “Take those off,” I say, waving my arms to get his attention. “Huh?” he says, then frees one ear so he can hear me. But he's not listening to music or a podcast. He's listening to a book. I have extracted him from another world, [...]

The Joys of Audiobooks by Stephanie Whetstone2020-10-01T14:16:03-04:00

Prompt for the Week: 9/28/20


Prompt for the Week "The New York Times’s recent “More Than a Meal” series featured essays by renowned writers about memorable meals experienced in restaurants at a time when reminiscing about dining out has been the restaurant goer’s solace. The meals described range from Ruth Reichl writing about a fancy restaurant in Paris, to Samantha Irby writing about the Cheesecake Factory, to Alexander Chee writing about waiting tables at a Theater District restaurant in Manhattan. Write a scene that takes place in a restaurant. Is this the first time your character has dined out in a long time, or does she frequent this [...]

Prompt for the Week: 9/28/202020-06-30T15:04:58-04:00

A Poem for You: Riverkeeper


Riverkeeper Margaret Gibson Wanting to be that place where inner and outer meet, this morning I’m listening to the river inside— also to the river out the window, river of sun and branch shadow, muskrat and mallard, heron, and the rattled cry of the kingfisher. Out there is a tree whose roots the river has washed so often the tree stretches beyond itself, its spirit like mine, leaning out over the water, held only by the poised astonishment of being here. This morning, listening to the river inside, I’m sinking into a stillness where what can’t be said stirs beneath currents [...]

A Poem for You: Riverkeeper2020-06-30T15:17:48-04:00

An opportunity for writers!


“Your Favorite Spot,” is a new short video series from the Office of Sustainability, in which Princeton University students, faculty, and staff write about their favorite outdoor spot on campus and, through the magic of video, are transported there. This series is narrated by Claire Wayner '22. Videos are produced by Jared Flesher. The first video features a submission from Wesley Wiggins '21, a Geosciences major from Washington, DC, who wrote about his experience watching the sunrise over Carnegie Lake. Watch and Share on Facebook and YouTube. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, so please share the form and submit your writing.

An opportunity for writers!2020-09-23T12:31:07-04:00
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