To Zoom or Not to Zoom?


To Zoom or Not to Zoom? As we try to stay connected to our families, friends, jobs, and communities while we social distance, we spend our days "Zooming" or "FaceTiming." Sometimes, this is a great way to come together, but it's not the only way. Email still works. Letters are wonderful for communication that is not urgent. Phone calls can have an intimacy and a connection that a video feed might not. And last but not least, you can host a book exchange, like the Pace Center's Bogle Fellows. However you do it, we hope you stay in touch with colleagues, friends, [...]

To Zoom or Not to Zoom?2020-05-07T11:11:50-04:00

How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking


Here's a great, short video to remind you what to do with your body while you speak. Check it out! How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking

How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking2020-02-05T11:38:29-05:00

Tips for Public Speaking


Tips for Public Speaking   Connection, not perfection Beware the curse of knowledge Why do you care? Why should we? You are the message Keep things short Think conversation, not oration. Open strongly Reveal a purposeful enthusiasm Speak with your body Enunciate and project Don’t be afraid!

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