Sing, Unburied, Sing (2017) by Jesmyn Ward


Critical Assessment "In Jesmyn Ward’s Mississippi, one must grow inured to the rituals of killing and butchering animals for sustenance. Exhausted women beat their children in public. Men of good character do unspeakable things out of necessity, and the bad men do far worse. And there, just as in the real world, caring about people like Jojo and Leonie is not a matter of looking past these grim possibilities, but rather consenting to step into them and be affected. Such feats of empathy are difficult, all too often impossible to muster in real life. But they feel genuinely inevitable when offered [...]

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Ordinary Light: A Memoir (2015) by Tracy K. Smith


Critical Assessment "In 'Ordinary Light,' Smith writes as a daughter who has lost her mother and is thinking of her own daughter as she submits to the 'powerful nostalgia for the very years I was in the process of living, when the world of my family was the only heaven I needed to believe in.' Every line of her prose is well behaved. But ambition had been there all along: 'I wanted to write the kind of poetry that people read and remembered, that they lived by — the kinds of lines that I carried with me from moment to moment [...]

Ordinary Light: A Memoir (2015) by Tracy K. Smith2016-05-01T10:00:41-04:00
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