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Community of Writers: Marianna Bogucki


Community of Writers: Marianna Bogucki Marianna Bogucki works in Conference and Event Services at Princeton University. She is a prolific writer and traveler whose essay "November Light" (https://pwrites.princeton.edu/prize/november-light/) previously won the Princeton Writes Prize. Here, she speaks with Princeton Writes about her writing process and creative trajectory, including her experiences blogging at http://travelswithauggie.blogspot.com and at http://mariannasadventures.blogspot.com.   What draws you to writing?  I think writing’s just always been a way for me to express myself clearly. I feel like a lot of times in conversation, I’m a very gregarious person and a lot of times, I speak before thinking. Writing’s always been a way I [...]

Community of Writers: Marianna Bogucki2021-01-27T15:09:23-05:00

Community of Writers: Jerry Price


Community of Writers: Jerry Price Jerry Price is the Senior Communications Advisor and Historian for Princeton University Athletics. He has been writing for nearly 40 years in a variety of venues, including the daily sports TigerBlog. He recently published what he intends as the first of several novels, entitled With You, and shares here this experience and an excerpt from the first chapter. For more information, and to purchase With You, please see: https://www.jerryprice-author.com. What draws you to writing? I went to the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1985. I had thought I wanted to go to law school, but I [...]

Community of Writers: Jerry Price2020-07-06T08:58:13-04:00

Community of Writers: Kelly Lin-Kremer


Community of Writers: Kelly Lin-Kremer Kelly Lin-Kremer is the Data and Project Coordinator in the Department of History. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Edible Jersey and InQluded. In 2018, she attended the VONA/Voices of Our Nation Writers Workshop for writers of color with Shay Youngblood. In lieu of an interview, she here offers a written contribution to Princeton Writes' Community of Writers series, as well as a taste of her own work, entitled "The Long Journey." What draws you to writing?  I love story-telling, and I love the idea-exploration part of writing. It’s so fun to see where the [...]

Community of Writers: Kelly Lin-Kremer2020-06-02T14:04:19-04:00

Community of Writers: Gwen McNamara


Community of Writers: Gwen McNamara Gwen McNamara serves as the Communications Specialist at the John H. Pace, Jr. '39 Center for Civic Engagement at Princeton University. She got her start as a writer with a local community newspaper. Along the way, she has used her storytelling skills to promote sustainable design and environmental protection, and now seeks to inspire the next generation to follow their passions and be civically engaged. Here, she speaks with Princeton Writes about finding meaning in writing and making time for writing, especially amidst the new obligations of life during COVID-19. She also shares a recent writing/sketch [...]

Community of Writers: Gwen McNamara2020-05-14T14:51:02-04:00

Community of Writers: Pooja Makhijani


Community of Writers: Pooja Makhijani Pooja Makhijani is Communications Manager at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. She is the editor of Under Her Skin: How Girls Experience Race in America, an anthology of essays by women that explores the complex ways in which race shapes American lives and families. She is also the author of Mama’s Saris, a picture book. Her bylines have appeared in The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Washington Post, NPR, Real Simple, The Atlantic, WSJ.com, The Cut, Teen Vogue, Parents, VICE, Bon Appétit, Saveur, BuzzFeed, and espnW among others. She holds a [...]

Community of Writers: Pooja Makhijani2020-05-07T13:02:48-04:00

Community of Writers: Denise Valenti


Community of Writers: Denise Valenti Denise Valenti is a staff writer in the Princeton University Office of Communications. She has a background in journalism, with bylines in the New York Times and the Washington Post, and is currently working on her first novel, a historical fiction read that takes place in Cuba. Here, she speaks to Princeton Writes about sporting multiple authorial hats and offers a preview of her novel. For additional information, see: https://denisevalenti.com/.   What draws you to writing? I think the thing that draws me most to writing is just this possibility of living all different kinds of lives at [...]

Community of Writers: Denise Valenti2020-04-14T14:00:47-04:00

Word of the Week: savoir faire (sav-ˌwär-ˈfer)


Word of the Week: savoir faire (sav-ˌwär-ˈfer) Definition  (Noun) a deft understanding of a situation at hand; a polished certainty in navigating social interaction (used in English, but stems from the French "savoir" [knowing, knowledge] and "faire" [doing, making do]) In Context  The groom panicked when his old flame turned up uninvited at the wedding, but the bride handled the interruption with commendable savoir faire.

Word of the Week: savoir faire (sav-ˌwär-ˈfer)2020-03-30T09:27:22-04:00

Word of the Week: anxiolytic (aŋ-zē-ō-ˈli-tik)


Word of the Week: anxiolytic (aŋ-zē-ō-ˈli-tik) Definition  (Noun) something, usually a substance or drug, that relieves anxiety; (adjective) capable of relieving anxiety In Context  It's hard to read the news these days without downing an anxiolytic.

Word of the Week: anxiolytic (aŋ-zē-ō-ˈli-tik)2020-03-24T15:27:10-04:00

March 4 “Tell Me More” Conversation: Professor Tamsen Wolff


March 4 "Tell Me More" Conversation: Professor Tamsen Wolff On March 4, Tamsen Wolff, Associate Professor of English, opened the third session of the “Tell Me More: Humanizing Our Research” dinner conversation series with a command to “Speak with Our Bodies.” Going around the table, she asked members of the graduate student audience to introduce themselves and articulate in real time their physiological responses to public speaking. Flushed cheeks, clammy hands, rapid heartbeats — all of these, she commented, were a visceral reminder to “never speak without warming up!” In the spirit of practicing what she preached, Professor Wolff dedicated most [...]

March 4 “Tell Me More” Conversation: Professor Tamsen Wolff2020-03-10T13:52:51-04:00
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