The Ninth Hour (2017) by Alice McDermott


Critical Evaluation "In one beautifully observed, quietly absorbing novel after another, Alice McDermott has made the insular world of New York's Irish Catholic immigrants in the first half of the 20th century her own, much as Anne Tyler has laid claim to Baltimore's middle class. And, like Tyler, in focusing tightly on a close-knit community of ordinary people, she leads us to a deeper understanding of the human condition. The Ninth Hour, McDermott's eighth novel, is about an order of nursing nuns and the needy families, elderly shut-ins, disabled invalids and strapped widows they care for in a predominantly Irish Catholic [...]

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Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939) by Katherine Anne Porter


Critical Assessment "The three short novels that make up Pale Horse, Pale Rider — Old Mortality, Noon Wine, and the title story itself — ask in turn the three questions that, as the critic Mark Schorer put it, humankind has always asked: What were we? What are we? What will we be? . . . "But it is where we find ourselves in this century that makes the title story of Porter's collection one that must be read. . . . "It is 1918, in the midst of both World War I and the influenza epidemic, a concurrence that one character [...]

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