Public Speaking Checklist


Public Speaking Checklist ORGANIZATION   Strong Introduction Logical and Cohesive Progression of Ideas Strong Conclusion LANGUAGE Clarity Variety and Color Grammar VOCAL MECHANICS Pacing Audibility Inflection and Expression Enunciation Use of Fillers DELIVERY Confident and Relaxed Posture Good Eye Contact Appropriate Facial Expressions Intentional and Evocative Movement AUDIENCE Acknowledged Audience Held Audience’s Attention   Maintained Consistent Energy Level   Please consider the elements in each category below in planning your remarks. You may use this form to note the feedback you receive.  

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Princeton Research Day Deadline 2/17/20


    Princeton Research Day 2020 is an exciting opportunity for students and other researchers to showcase their work for a broad audience. The event includes the full breadth of work being done by undergraduates, graduate students and other non-faculty researchers, artists and performers in every corner of Princeton University.   Princeton Research Day will be held all day long on Thursday, May 7, at Frist Campus Center. The free, public program features talks, posters, video presentations, musical and theater performances, and art exhibitions. Cash prizes will be awarded.

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February 5 “Tell Me More” Conversation: Professor William Gleason


February 5 "Tell Me More" Conversation: Professor William Gleason On February 5, William Gleason, Hughes-Rogers Professor of English and American Studies, turned the second session of the “Tell Me More: Humanizing Our Research” dinner conversation series into an interactive workshop on “Writing Transparently.” “Have any of you ever been told,” he asked the assembled graduate students, that “your writing is either too transparent or too opaque?” On a disarming note of self-deprecation, he shared that “I’ve been told both those things! In graduate school, I wrote a seminar paper [and] one of the comments I got back [was]: ‘You write like [...]

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How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking


Here's a great, short video to remind you what to do with your body while you speak. Check it out! How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking

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January 15 “Tell Me More” Conversation: President Emerita Shirley Tilghman


January 15 "Tell Me More" Conversation: President Emerita Shirley Tilghman The “Tell Me More: Humanizing Our Research” dinner conversation series kicked off on January 15 with a rousing call from Shirley Tilghman, President Emerita and Professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs, to “Share the Wonder of What We Do.” Arguing that “science is under assault right now,” she invited the graduate student audience into a robust discussion of how best to manage the “responsibility to articulate your research” to an increasing, and increasingly heterogeneous, number of publics. “Making the case for what we do,” she emphasized, “is immensely important,” so [...]

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Tips for Public Speaking


Tips for Public Speaking   Connection, not perfection Beware the curse of knowledge Why do you care? Why should we? You are the message Keep things short Think conversation, not oration. Open strongly Reveal a purposeful enthusiasm Speak with your body Enunciate and project Don’t be afraid!

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