Public Speaking Checklist


Public Speaking Checklist ORGANIZATION   Strong Introduction Logical and Cohesive Progression of Ideas Strong Conclusion LANGUAGE Clarity Variety and Color Grammar VOCAL MECHANICS Pacing Audibility Inflection and Expression Enunciation Use of Fillers DELIVERY Confident and Relaxed Posture Good Eye Contact Appropriate Facial Expressions Intentional and Evocative Movement AUDIENCE Acknowledged Audience Held Audience’s Attention   Maintained Consistent Energy Level   Please consider the elements in each category below in planning your remarks. You may use this form to note the feedback you receive.  

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A Revolutionary Interview with Martha King


Detail of a copy of the Declaration printed by Goddard (New York Public Library) A Revolutionary Interview with Martha King Women played an important role in the founding of our democracy, but their accomplishments have often been overlooked or overshadowed by those we usually refer to as "the founders," the men included in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Martha King, Researcher and Senior Editor of the Jefferson Papers at Princeton and a member of the Princeton Employee Public Speaking Group, seeks to change that. She has devoted her scholarly life to celebrating the work of independent printer [...]

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How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking


Here's a great, short video to remind you what to do with your body while you speak. Check it out! How to Use Your Body in Public Speaking

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Tips for Public Speaking


Tips for Public Speaking   Connection, not perfection Beware the curse of knowledge Why do you care? Why should we? You are the message Keep things short Think conversation, not oration. Open strongly Reveal a purposeful enthusiasm Speak with your body Enunciate and project Don’t be afraid!

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Princeton Employee Public Speaking Group Meetings Resume September 5, 2019


Come hone your public speaking skills! There is no substitute for practice, especially in the company of supportive colleagues. All meetings are held in the Tilghman Classroom (Room E08) in Dillon Court East. We look forward to seeing you on: Thursday, September 5, 12:00-1:30 p.m. Thursday, October 3, 12:00-1:30 p.m. Thursday, November 7, 12:00-1:30 p.m. Thursday, December 12, 12:00-1:30 p.m.

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2018-2019 GradSpeak Series Begins


Public Speaking Workshop Series Dillon Court East Are you serious about improving your public speaking and presentation skills? GradSpeak is a monthly workshop series designed to help enhance graduate students' public speaking skills in an encouraging and supportive environment. Each session will have an impromptu topic (e.g. your research in a nutshell, someone who inspires you) and will focus on a technical skill such as body language, diction, or eye contact with the audience. Workshops are co-sponsored by the Graduate School and PrincetonWrites. Space is limited to 10 graduate students. To join the cohort, please RSVP to   Intro to [...]

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Public Speaking Group Established


Princeton Writes is pleased to announce the formation of the Princeton Employee Public Speaking Group – an informal, nonjudgmental, and mutually supportive forum in which participants can develop the skills and confidence they need to make effective oral presentations. “Public speaking engenders a deep-seated fear in many of us,” notes Princeton Writes’ director John S. Weeren, “so a central goal of this group is to demonstrate that addressing an audience can be a positive – even an exhilarating – experience, once some basic principles and techniques are mastered. Together, we will explore these principles and techniques and put them into practice [...]

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