Althea Ward Clark W’21 Reading Series: Sheila Heti and Joy Harjo Visit Campus 


Althea Ward Clark W’21 Reading Series: Sheila Heti and Joy Harjo Visit Campus  by Mia Salas ’22 This past fall semester, I took a course called The Novel Since 2000, and one of the books we read was Sheila Heti’s How Should a Person Be? I even gave a presentation on Heti’s novel about the role of autofiction, and just a few short months later, I found out that she was coming to campus! While a seemingly odd coincidence, these tend to happen quite often at Princeton thanks to the Princeton Creative Writing Department’s efforts: the Althea Ward Clark W’21 Reading [...]

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Princeton Research Day Deadline 2/17/20


    Princeton Research Day 2020 is an exciting opportunity for students and other researchers to showcase their work for a broad audience. The event includes the full breadth of work being done by undergraduates, graduate students and other non-faculty researchers, artists and performers in every corner of Princeton University.   Princeton Research Day will be held all day long on Thursday, May 7, at Frist Campus Center. The free, public program features talks, posters, video presentations, musical and theater performances, and art exhibitions. Cash prizes will be awarded.

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The Spirit of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Danielle Ranucci ’23


The Spirit of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Danielle Ranucci '23 I saw the green light, and I couldn't help reaching towards it. Then I woke up and found myself in my dorm at Princeton University, located right near the iconic Blair Arch. F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in the arch while he was at Princeton. To think that I walk past Blair Arch every day. To think that I just sang with an a capella group there tonight. And to think that my dorm is right near there. To think that I likely stumble upon his spirit as it prowls around campus. [...]

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Revealing Princeton’s Literary History by Mia Salas ’22


Princeton Writes Student Board Organizes a Tour of Princeton’s Literary History by Mia Salas ’22 This place -- it is redolent with the breath of the emotional life lived here and the intellectual life made manifest here. "The wisdom of the dead and the energy of the living" merge to become a tradition that informs the present and shapes the future. Toni Morrison, “The Place of the Idea; The Idea of the Place,” 1996   On Friday, November 22, at 2 p.m., we kicked off the University’s first tour of its literary history on the steps of Nassau Hall with the [...]

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Would You Like to Be Our Student Board Chair?


The Princeton Writes Student Board organizes events throughout the year centered on the themes of writing and bringing the community closer together. Past events have included the annual Celebration of Student Writing, which awards and showcases the works of various publication groups on campus; Gratitude story slams; round-table discussions and dinners with accomplished authors, journalists, and filmmakers; Halloween scary story telling around a campfire; spreading messages of love during Valentines, and more. If you are excited by such events and have your own ideas for bringing the community closer together through words, apply to be the student board Chair! No prior experience [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Ara Eagan ’21, who serves on Princeton Writes’ Student Board, spearheaded the Give Thanks project at Frist Campus Center through the creation of “Trees of Gratitude,” just in time to remind students and staff alike what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. When we think of Thanksgiving, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the crushing wave of Black Friday deals or focus chiefly on the delicious meal that will be eaten: roast turkey, savory gravy on mashed potatoes, and pies galore. Therefore, sometimes, a reminder is needed to call to the forefront of our thoughts why we really celebrate Thanksgiving [...]

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A Spooky Night with Princeton Writes


A Spooky Night with Princeton Writes Maha Al Fahim '19, Princeton Writes' Undergraduate Fellow, spearheaded this year's story slam, which brought together students and staff on the lawn of Forbes College for a night of Halloween-themed tales.  A scary time was had by all!   It is late autumn, and faint clouds hover before the moon. The night’s breeze brings a shiver to the trees. From among the branches, a leaf detaches, swirls in the air, and settles on the Forbes yard. Crunch. A student steps on the leaf as she’s heading to a Princeton Writes event: the Halloween Spooky Story [...]

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Sign Up for our Scary Story Slam! October 19th, 6:30 PM


    Join us for a fun fall night at Forbes College! We'll gather in the back yard from 6:30-8:00pm on Friday, October 19th, 2018, to roast marshmallows and tell tales. Come share the stories that send chills up your spine -- from harrowing tests to things that go bump in the night! Stories should be told "live," rather than read. Each reader will have five minutes to tell their story. Click here to sign up!  

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Key Dates and Guidelines, 2018-2019 Celebration of Student Writing


Key Dates and Guidelines 2018-2019 Celebration of Student Writing Friday, October 26:  Deadline for members of the Editorial Board to confirm their participation by nominating a single piece of undergraduate writing of any genre that is both superbly crafted and representative of the work published or performed by their organizations in 2018. Nominations should be emailed in the form of Microsoft Word attachments to Nominations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until nine have been received, which is all we can accommodate in a 90-minute showcase.  Members of the Editorial Board will be notified when this number has [...]

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A Celebration of Student Writing


In this post, Maha Al Fahim '19 describes a new initiative that Princeton Writes is sponsoring – one that will showcase the remarkable work that student writers on our campus are producing outside the classroom. A Celebration of Student Writing, to be held from 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Monday, April 11, in the Hamilton Murray Theater in Murray-Dodge Hall, is open to all current and admitted students, who may obtain free tickets at the University Ticketing box office in Frist Campus Center or, in the case of current students, by logging in online at, beginning March 28.  Any remaining tickets will [...]

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